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The Organ

In common with everything else that William Hesketh Lever did, he always used the best craftsmen and designers of his time. The four manual organ, built by Messrs Henry Willis and Sons, of London, is recognised by the British Institute of Organ Studies as an instrument of importance to the national heritage. The organ consultant for the design and construction was Dr J C Bridge, organist of Chester Cathedral. Dr Bridge also gave the first recital on 19th October 1904.

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The instrument is substantially unchanged from that installed in 1904 and remains fully pneumatic throughout. The only known alterations are the provision of a Rockingham blower in the organ basement in 1933 and the replacement of the Trigger Swell pedal by a Balanced Swell pedal in 1948. The organ was completely renovated between 2004 and 2008 by the original builders, Henry Willis & Sons Ltd.

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Video on church organs featuring our own Henry Wllis organ being played by our own organist. Produced by Great Big Story.

Organ Specification