Christ Church, Port Sunlight

Our Mission Statement: To offer our best to God through Worship, Fellowship and Care for the Community

Organ Specification

The organ comprises four manual divisions and pedal department, consisting of 46 ranks of pipes and 41 speaking stops.

Pneumatic action is used throughout.

The Swell box is situated in the North Transept facing down the Nave.

The Solo, Choir and Great divisions are situated in the Chancel.

The blowing chamber containing a Rockingham blower and the main wind reservoirs is situated beneath the Organ and Choir Vestry.

An automatic Watkins Watson humidifier is installed.

Double Open Diapason 16′
Open Diapason No 1 8′
Open Diapason No 2 8′
Clarabella 8′
Harmonic Flute 8′
Flute 4′
Principal 4′
Twelfth 2/3
Fifteenth 2′
Mixture III ranks
Trumpet 8′
Clarion 4′
SWELL ORGAN (Enclosed)
Lieblich Bourdon 16′
Open Diapason 8′
Lieblich Gedackt 8′
Voix Celeste 8′
Salicional 8′
Lieblich Flute 4′
Gemshorn 4′
Mixture IV ranks
Contra Fagotto 16′
Oboe 8′
Cornopean 8′
Clarion 4′
Open Diapason 8′
Gamba 8′
Dulciana 8′
Hohl Flute 4′
Wald Flute 4′
Piccolo 2′
Clarinet 8′
Open Diapason 16′
Bourdon 16′
Violone 16′
Bass Flute 8′
Ophicleide (*) 16′
Posaune (*) 8′
* Heavy wind pressure
Flute 8′
Orchestral Oboe 8′
Vox Humana (open and enclosed) 8′
Tuba (*) 8′
Tremulant to Vox Humana
Swell Sub Octave 3 thumb pistons to Great
Swell Super Octave 3 thumb pistons to Swell
Swell to Choir 3 thumb pistons to Choir
Swell to Great 1 thumb piston to Solo Tremulant
Great to Pedals 5 pedal pistons to Great
Swell to Pedals 5 pedal pistons to Swell
Solo to Pedals 1 reversible pedal piston for Great to Pedal
Solo to Great All pistons adjustable from setter boards
Choir to Pedals Balanced Swell Pedal
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