Christ Church, Port Sunlight

Our Mission Statement: To offer our best to God through Worship, Fellowship and Care for the Community

Church Interior

The Nave


While Christ Church is a large building, the interior aspect is one of open and lofty spaciousness, the red sandstone walls contrasting with the black and white pattern of the Italian marble pavement, and the rich hue of English oak in the pews, screens, and reredos. The roof timbers are of unstained and unvarnished Canadian pitch pine.

The church can hold a congregation of up to 500 people; its length is 151 feet and the general width is 51 feet. The nave rises to a height of 44 feet and is lit by a clerestory of ten windows. These windows are carried on two arcades of seven spans, twelve of them 15 feet, two of them 26 feet at the meeting of the transepts with the nave. The transepts are each 25 feet wide by 21 feet long, constructed with open timber roofs, and with entrances that are used on particular occasions or as additional exits. The chancel is 48 feet long and 27 feet wide, and its roof, of barrel vault type, is timbered like the nave.

The Sanctuary

Chancel (1)

Wood Carvings

In contrast to the massive roof timbers, the woodwork within the church itself, and particularly the organ frame, the pulpit, the lectern and the reredos, are elaborate examples of the finest wood carving craftsmanship. The delicate carving of the choir stalls was the work of craftsmen from the then Liverpool School for the Deaf and Dumb.

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Side Aisle Rooms

As a Millennium project two new rooms were built in the side aisles to provide separate facilities for work amongst the children and young people of the church.

The  Creche

The Creche

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At the same time the North Transept was converted into an area for serving refreshments.

In 2011 the South Transept was converted into a chapel for smaller services and private prayer.

The Leverhulme Chapel

Leverhulme Chapel

The Pulpit

Pulpit (2)

Book of Remembrance Casket

Remembrance Casket

Close to the pulpit will be seen the Book of Remembrance, resting in a glass casket. This book records the names of those whose ashes have been returned to earth within the precincts of Christ Church and who have no other memorial.

The Baptism Font

Font (1)

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