Christ Church, Port Sunlight

Our Mission Statement: To offer our best to God through Worship, Fellowship and Care for the Community

Belfry Rules

The following text is reproduced from a notice, now framed, hung in the Ringing Chamber.


This Belfry is part of the Church and is dedicated to the service of Almighty God. The Bells are instruments of sacred music and are intended to be to the Village what the Organ is to the Congregation. The office of Ringer is therefore a religious one, and all the duties of the office should be performed in a reverent manner.


1. The name of the Society shall be “The Christ Church, Port Sunlight, Change-Ringing Society.”

2. The Society shall consist of a Conductor, who shall have charge of all arrangements in connection with the Ringing and whose remuneration shall be fixed by the Church Committee, and of nine additional Ringers whose remuneration shall be at the rate of One Shilling per Sunday; payment to be made half-yearly on the first Sunday of December and first Sunday of June each year.

3. The Ringers shall attend for Ringing on all Sundays, on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and on all other occasions when their services may be required as the Minister or Church Committee may determine.

The Ringers shall be expected to attend Divine Service at least once each Sunday.

4. Every Ringer shall attend the Belfry on Sundays at 10-30 a.m. and 6 o’clock p.m., and weekly practices as may be arranged at 7-30 p.m. Any Ringer being late shall be fined Fourpence, or being absent shall be fined Eightpence. In cases of sickness, however, such Ringer shall be exempt from fines.

5. Notice of Weddings, &c., shall be given to the Conductor, who shall notify the Ringers as early as possible. Ringers shall be expected to attend upon receipt of such notification or shall provide an accredited substitute.

6. Any Ringer being guilty of irreverent or unbecoming conduct shall be reported to the Minister. Any Ringer smoking in the Belfry shall be fined One Shilling.

7. In the event of any dispute arising in connection with the Society, such matter shall be referred to the Minister, whose decision shall be final.

8. No person shall be admitted as a member of this Society unless he undertakes to be instructed in Half Pull Change-Ringing.

EDWIN BREEZE, Conductor.
Adopted at a Meeting of the Society, June 14th, 1904.

Note: When the notice was found in a somewhat dilapidated and dirty state (1980), the names of the Minister and Conductor had been pasted over, with the names GEO. MARKHAM and STEWART BAILEY G.I.MECH.E respectively being printed by hand in their place. This appears to have been effected in April 1947. The pasted paper was removed in July 2001 to reveal the original names.
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