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Child Baptisms

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All enquiries regarding child baptisms are to be made to Sue Frowe, our Baptisms Secretary. You should arrange to meet her at church any Sunday before the start of our 10:30 morning service. Preferably phone her on 0151 645 8623, when you can raise any queries, otherwise you may use the contact form below.

Later, parents will be invited to meetings with the Minister and Baptisms Secretary. Here the purpose of Christian Baptism and the commitments that it brings upon the parents will be explained and discussed.

Adult Baptisms

Baptism is not confined to babies and children. It is very important service in the URC, marking the joining of a Christian fellowship.

Any adult who has never been baptised should not be embarrassed to enquire. The URC believes that the help and support of a wider church is important to support people through their Christian life, regardless of age.

If you wish to be baptised at Christ Church or learn more about this then please feel free to ask the Minister or one of the the Elders. Those who feel, perhaps, a little wary, are most welcome to contact the Baptism Secretary (see above) who will be happy to help in any way.

Other Denominations

Anyone who has already been baptised in a church of another denomination is regarded as having been baptised. There is no need to be baptised a second time. This may become important later where the individual wishes to affirm their Christian faith during a service of Confirmation. However, anyone who has not been baptised but wishing to confirm their faith later may be baptised at the same time.

You may make enquiries by email using the contact form below.


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